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Artists on a Mission to Be the Change and Transform the World

This is what colleges and universities do NOT teach you! This is REAL WORLD knowledge and expertise!

At the Global Artists Academy, we are here to truly support YOU! The artist, the change-maker, the creator of love and beauty in the world. We provide powerful courses and resources to give you the confidence and tools you need to really succeed in your chosen path.

You are about to begin a journey that will transform your life. Global Artists Academy is a vibrant community dedicated to inspiring, empowering and transforming artists on a global level. Once you join, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources that will enable you to grow, thrive and be an Abundant Artist who can truly…


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Be the Change and Transform the World as an Abundant Artist!

The Global Artists Academy is for those who are:

  • Ready to finally be HEARD and SEEN!
  • Done playing small and keeping your voice and gifts hidden!
  • Done being a starving artists, waiting and hoping, and know that NOW is your time step up, fulfill your call and live your dream!



It’s time to Shine Your Light!

I have designed these courses to include the best of my over 20 years of transformational coaching,

plus my Voice, Stage, Radio, VO, Video, TV, Movies and Wealth and business building expertise. All so that you can step into your destiny, use your gifts and share them with the world AND make a great living doing it!


Are you ready to shine your light bigger and brighter than you ever have before? Iorgena at Vanessa Bold-1236-1024x663 believe 2017 is your year to Shine and Be Seen!

I’ve been overjoyed and blessed by so many of the powerful opportunities that our empowered Global Artists members have manifested, including:

Former Beyonce back up singer turned Yogi Wellness coach being asked to be a contributing Expert for O Magazine,

A single mother-turned-Off Broadway performer, director and COO for an Entertainment Company,

A choir director turned recording artist who’s single hit’s #2 on the charts in his genre in 1 month,

Artists giving their first live concerts, with their new band, and

Singers writing and recording their first CD!

Performers going from dreaming to singing at Disney, American Idol, Mrs. America Pageants, churches and more!

These are just some of the amazing results from our divine, empowered voices who have really stepped up to shine their light and be the change. I have been absolutely ecstatic for each and every one of them and humbled by their success.

I’m so excited because I’ll soon be sharing with you some of the same tools I’ve shared with them to master the inner and outer voice, overcome the fear of being heard and seen, and stepping into the power of your divine voice, along with an incredible opportunity (truly) to work with me.

Stepping up to be seen and heard can be incredibly scary and fear can really hold us back if we let it. So if you’re looking for powerful mentoring and support for your dreams as we finish 2016 and head into 2017, I encourage you to sign up for the free training and Global Artists Academy open call… and explore whether it is right for you.

When you learn exactly how to empower your voice and release fears around not only your external voice, but also your inner voice, you begin to master the 90/10 Rule and quickly unleash a whole new strength and confidence to step into your call, be heard and seen and live your dream.

This is what the Global Artists Academy is all about—a heart-centered, spirit-aligned voice, singing, stage, video, and recording training, in a step by step, flexible format, personal mentoring, and a supportive community dedicated to helping you get your voice, music and message out into the world.

On our call, I’ll be sharing with you powerful myth-busting training (like believing you’re too old, too big, voice not good enough and more) and how to release your fear around your voice, being heard and seen so you can finally come out of the shadows, (and out of the shower) to Shine and Be Seen in 2016 (It’s not over yet!) and 2017!images-11

Then you’ll hear a quick overview of the Global Artists Academy opportunity as well as a word from some of our community members as we help you step into your highest vision for the year.

By the end of the call, you’ll have everything you need to know to make a confident, no risk decision. There will even be a special free gift just for showing up!

The Global Artists Academy offers you:

  • starsAccess to personal mentoring from Orgena on live calls and the online forum
  • starsMembership in a vibrant community where you’ll empower your voice, gain confidence and achieve your goals at your own pace
  • stars24/7 Access to an organized and flexible online location with all of the GAA teaching videos, audios, and tools
  • starsOrganized, step by step guidance to give you clarity so you can take action quickly and experience powerful breakthroughs
  • starsA loving and supportive group of an empowered artists who can support you in your challenges and cheer you in your success
  • starsAccess to our panel of industry experts and changemakers who will give you insider information to fast track your success!
  • starsMember Savings on new and affiliate Products, Courses and Retreats
  • starsFree tickets to select live events (live/online) and savings on Retreats


If you want to work with Orgena, THIS is the program that offers you a LOT of connection with her for an incredibly low investment.

How would 24/7 access to Orgena’s empowering and confidence building voice, singing, recording, stage, video and TV Training, Tools, and Community support you?

Find out during our…

GAA Membership Call

Monday, September 12, 2016 at 12pmPST!

Call Number: 712-432-0800

Access Code: 1019049#

Click here to register if you can’t make it so you can receive the recording!

(Special Bonus only on the call!)

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You’ll be able to get started immediately when you join! You’ll receive an orientation packet along with 3 training videos, 2 training and Q&A calls with Orgena per month (Starting September 12th) and a FREE GIFT of Orgena’s Peace Meditation CD

(See below for Installment Option)

What’s Included in Your 12-Month Journey?

I have designed this program to include the best of my over 20 years of transformational coaching, plus my voice, stage, career and wealth building experience to catapult you to your next level and beyond quickly and joyfully!

Training Modules

Audio, Video & Digital Materials

Every other week you’ll receive powerful audio and video trainings, visual materials and exercises that will teach you step by step, easy to implement tools and techniques to truly help you build a solid, sustainable, spiritually and financially rich career.


Visioning Mastery

Lay a solid foundation, get clear on your Vision, Mission, and Tools for Success

The Empowered Voice 

Release Your Fears, Step Into Your Power and Strengthen your Voice and Presence from the Inside Out

Sacred Abundance Jumpstart

Instantly create a Shift in your Money and Experience Abundance NOW!

YES! You CAN Sing!

Learn the powerful step by step method to sing in front of others Comfortably and Confidently!


Songwriting Success Secrets

Learn how to tap into your creativity and write your own songs

Sacred Abundance Breakthrough

Take it to the next level and Have a Transformational Breakthrough into your highest abundance!

B.A.M Factor

OWN the Stage and Command the Room Every Time with Brilliance Authenticity and Mastery

Music Video Star 

Learn the simple, inexpensive steps to creating powerful, stand out Videos that ROCK so you can truly shine!


The Show Stopper

Build your own stage show and know exactly what to say, how to say it and how to weave your songs to connect…powerfully!

Audition Mastery

Learn the secrets to acing your auditions and getting the gig, manager, agent masterfully!

Get Fans and Get Booked! Marketing Mastery

Know the 7 Secrets to Building your Tribe of Raving Fans and Abundant Bookings

Shine Star Jumpstart

Be ready to shine your brightest light! Learn the Secrets to having powerful TV Interviews!

Sacred Singer Recording Secrets

Finally get the music that’s inside you out into the world. Sing your song and share it with the world!


BONUS 1: Live Q&A Calls with Orgena

Once a month you’ll be able to join the group and ask me your specific questions live! Orgena speaking bold eventYou can submit questions in advance, or ask me live on the line. I want to make sure your questions get answered and that everything in the program is making sense for you. All Q&A sessions are recorded. (Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)


BONUS 2: Live Events

Free Ticket to Sing For Good Event!

Fun & Transformation with opportunities to sing your song live!!

*Travel and accommodations not included for in person events.

~~~~women laugh

BONUS 3: GAA Private Online Group

Having a place to interact, ask questions, share wins and network is key to your success, so we’ll have a private Members Only group just for you!


BONUS 4: Empowered Music Library Access

Young woman wearing headphones

Receive access to Orgena’s library of empowering, inspirational and meditation Music CD downloads…some designed especially for you and many she hasn’t released to the public!






BONUS 5: Stage Fright Breakthrough Training w/Dr. Anja Walter Ris

Dramatically reduce and eliminate your stage fright or fear about rejection and criticism, or when stepping into the big spotlight and shining your light for all to see.



BONUS 6: The Power of Your Voice Audio Training

Hear Orgena share her secrets to stepping into the power of her voice and how you can do the same!

BONUS 7: Divine Voice of W.E.A.L.T.H

Wonder why some people move forward financially with ease, inspiration

and confidence while you’re stuck, still worrying about and struggling with money?

No More Struggle! No More Starving Artist! It’s time to do the Happy AbunDANCE!

You’ll identify the 6 Steps to being a 6 Figure Abundant Artist! (most artists don’t know them and those who do Music for Wealtharen’t telling!)

Includes the music CD, Musical Inspiration for Wealth and Well-Being
*And More Surprise Bonuses!



Private BREAKTHROUGH Session with one of Orgena’s Master Coaches!


This session, valued at $197, is a live session with one of Orgena’s trained and certified coaches where you will be able to:

  • Get help with any vocal or career issues you may be having

  • Find out what’s blocking you and how to overcome it

  • The #1 most powerful step for you to take to move to the next level 

Everything’s designed to help you BE THE CHANGE AND SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

joinnow-300x99 (See below for Installment Option)


Hear what people are saying…


“OMG! You’re AMAZING Orgena Rose! I’ve learned so much from you and had some major, MAJOR breakthroughs…After working with you and Dr. Ris, I’ve overcome the very loud voice that would stop me from playing full on and full out! This has called me to step out of my comfort zone, be courageous and be more than I have been before and now I have had so many opportunities to shine! I was featured in Essence Magazine, my yoga studio has just been invited to be featured as the yoga studio of the month, I have new clients in my highest level Wellness Coaching Programs than I’ve ever had before…and I’ve been contacted by O Magazine to be featured as their Wellness Expert! These are things that are fully in alignment with who I say I am and what I’m really about. THANK YOU! I’m pleased and honored to have been on this journey with you!!!”

Niki Robinson, Yogi, Wellness Expert, Former Beyonce back up singer and star of Chicagolicious,


My dream was to become a recording artist. However, I listened to internal and external LT Coverfears and voices of others which kept me from going after my dream. I am proud to say that I went to Hollywood, CA last month to work on my first music project which included recording a CD, filming a music video and as an extra bonus, was interviewed on a national TV Show (The Orgena Rose Show) as a new and upcoming artist. The entire weekend was absolutely magical as I am now embarking on my true destiny.
Since that decision, my life has magically changed and I want to thank Orgena Rose and Orgena Rose Show team! I am filled with so much joy and gratitude for dreams that come true!



Orgena is amazing and powerful! I started training with her just to sing better and ended up on a year long journey writing music, performing live, and airing a YouTube channel. Now I’m recording my first EP and creating a lucrative singing career, and she has helped me every step of the way. I now make double what I did before I started. When you work with Orgena you don’t just improve, your whole life changes!


I am so grateful to Orgena for helping me fine tune my musical abilities. She aaliyah cdhas allowed me to dig deeper & cultivate my talent.  I’ve hit notes with such strength and clarity that it shocked it!  She has unlocked facets of my voice I didn’t realize I had! She has amazing new exercises and strategies that I had never heard of before – and I had been taking singing lessons for over 20 years!  She keeps me challenged and growing.  Thanks to her training from Yes You Can Sing & various mentorship programs she’s developed,  I am finally releasing my very first album! Thank you Orgena!   – Alliyah DeFlorias





Join the Global Artists Academy and become the Abundant Artist so you can truly




What would it be worth for your life and career to be heard and seen by more people, get more bookings and finally make a living with your music?

Is it worth $10,000? $5,000? My private clients have invested that and more for this same training and seen great results. But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that.

Normally, the Global Artists Academy Membership is

$997 for a full year or just $97 a month

But for a limited time only you can receive it for just

$597 for a full year or just $49 a month

You receive the Training, Mentorship and Support you need to empower your voice, shine your light and share your music and message with the world!

After your first year, you’ll have the option to continue growing in our community for just $49 per month.

In other words, for the price of a movie and dinner out each week you’re going to get the tools you need to finally have your dream!

No more hiding in the shadows, singing only in the shower, stuck in your day job, waiting to “get discovered” and hoping some day you’ll “make it.”

PLUS, your investment is completely covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Register now for Membership in the Global Artists Academy, complete the Orientation, Visioning and actively participate in the first 2 Calls and Lessons and if you honestly feel I did not deliver high value, let us know you want to quit and we’ll refund your entire fee.

I’m committed to mentoring artists on a mission who absolutely love what they get from all my expertise, attention and guidance and are willing and committed to doing the work to ensure their success. I know how this program has absolutely transformed those who really apply themselves to it and this guarantee is my way of taking ANY worry off your shoulders about making this important decision. No risk. You have my word on it!

So, are you ready to be an Abundant Artist?

Yes, Orgena! I’m ready to be an Abundant Artist, SHINE MY LIGHT and LIVE MY DREAM! Let’s get started !

GAA Membership for only $997 $597 per year!



or Join with a $49 Monthly Installments option


(Monthly Installments begin 30 Days from your sign up date)

Don’t wait and keep putting off what you could be!

Get started on your new path now ~ SHINE and BE SEEN 2016 !

After the first year, you’ll have the
option to automatically continue your Membership at $49 per month.

Limited time –This Special Enrollment pricing closes on September 15th at midnight so join now!

Program Starts as soon as you join! Immediate Access!

Join the over 25,000 people receiving Orgena’s powerful trainings!


orgena headshot“Where Tina Turner meets the Dalai Lama” Orgena Rose is a Producer, Host, Composer, Vocalist, Playwright, Author, and Founder of Orgena Rose Entertainment, Global Artists Academy and Sacred Rose Productions ~Producing Inspiring and Empowering Music, Video, and TV. She is host of the Orgena Rose Show which shines a light on those who are letting their light shine. For over 20 years she has been helping women to heal, empower and find their voice so they can get their message out into the world in a bigger way and shine their biggest light! She has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie HallOPRAH, Today, Rosie O’Donnell Show, PBS and Conan and toured internationally. She has also appeared in numerous commercials and movies where her original music is featured, has sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Audra McDonald, and shared the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson and other great luminaries. It is from this depth of experience and expertise that she shares with others from a heart of love and a desire to empower others.

A transformational being who helps women and artists to “find their voice,” Orgena has been sharing her expertise and coaching others to success since 1993. She was one of the pioneers of online broadcasting as the Entertainment Producer on AV Daily News in 1999. She founded Sacred Rose Productions where she not only writes and produces original music, but produces video, TV and stage productions as well. She also founded the Global Artists Academy, through which she provides workshops, programs, and courses in her mission to inspire, empower and transform lives. Her students have gone on to start new careers, land leading roles off Broadway, tour internationally, sing on American Idol, win Mrs. America competitions, perform with Disney and have successful singing careers!

ORGENA means EMPOWERMENT; a ROSE is all about LOVE.


Be Empowered ~ Shine Your Light ~ It’ All About Love


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